National Summer Games Hamilton 8 - 12 Dec 2022

The usually four yearly National Summer Games (NSG) were postponed in 2021 so are being held from the 8th - 12th December 2022 but are still known as the 2021 games. There were a few changes made to the 2021 team; for 2022 we are taking a team of 44 athletes and 17 volunteers in five sports: Basketball, Bocce, Bowling (tenpin), Indoor Bowls and Swimming

Team List - Athletes and Volunteers

Special Olympics Rotorua NSG team - Final Update

Our Sponsor an Athlete information contains photos of each athlete


Recent Updates on our preparations for the NSG, from October 2022

NSG Update 15th November 2022


Supporters Newsletters

NSG Supporters Newsletter November 2022

NSG Supporters Newsletter Sept 2022

Official NSG 2021 Website

Codes of Conduct

Athlete Code of Conduct

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Packing Lists - NB There are 2 identical lists per sport on each page. The lists differ slightly between sports.

NSG 2021 Packing List

Final Results

Results - Special Olympics National Summer Games Hamilton

5 page Report 0n the National Summer Games 2021 (2022) written by the Team Manager, including photos

Report on NSG 2021 (2022)

More photos from the NSG are on our Facebook page